Inside IKS

INSIDE IKS means for you stories & amazing moments that we would like to share with you. It is not only about kiting but also about life & love in Santa Maria. So, everything you need to know to have a wonderful time on the Cape Verdean island of Sal.

Have you ever wondered what makes a good kiter? The age? The height? The fitness level? We think you should be passionate about learning new things, ready to gain your own experience and go with the wind! And for everything else, we – as your local kite school at the Ponta Preta Beach – are there!

Gilson (2023)

If you describe your dream holiday with the words sun, beach, sea and kite, you’ve come to the right place! The Cape Verde Island are characterized by a warm, oceanic climate with little difference in temperature between summer and winter. At the moment, we are enjoying the perfect kite weather in Santa Maria at 28 degrees. The sea is roaring, the waves are breaking and the sun is laughing – simply the best conditions for kite addicts like us! We would be happy to start with you on the beach and infect you with our kite fever.

Mario (2022)

The perfect wave, the perfect spot – and you’re flying! We love these moments when we can kite a few laps between courses to continuously improve our own skills. These are moments, feelings of happiness – that we love to share with you! Do you feel the hype?

We’ll be happy to show you moves and tricks to improve your jumps. Let’s meet on the beach!

Gilson (2022)

We love the windy days with our students on Sal, and fortunately there are plenty of them on the Cape Verde Islands. There is sunshine all year round with wonderful temperatures between 20 °C and 30 °C. The water temperatures are also between 22 °C and 27 °C – perfect for all water sports enthusiasts. This makes Sal the perfect kite spot, especially from October to May. Ponta Preta Beach starts from Santa Maria/ Ponta de Sino in the south and stretches for several kilometers along the east coast. Sand as far as the eye can see. Here, endless expanses, crystal clear water, shifting dunes and magnificent sunsets – and of course us – are waiting for you! So, what are you waiting for? Come and let’s start the adventure of kiting together!

Mario (2022)

New yearnew adventures? Have you made any good resolutions for the new year? Or set new goals?

How about expanding your kite skills? Do you want to bring your experience to a new level? Our Strapless courses are perfect for all those who want to learn something new this year on a wonderful island with beautiful 22 degrees and perfect wind conditions! Let’s meet on the beach!

Leandro (2022)

WOW– the last few months have been really moving for us. Both business and personal: We had wonderful moments with wonderful people – whether in the water or on land. We’ve designed our logo, created a website, are working on content on our social media channels, and are celebrating successes with our students in the water and on land – day and night. Here’s a quick sneak peek!

IKS-Team (2022)

Kite Instructor Gilson I/2022
Islandkiteschool: Training in the lagoon

Happiness has many faces! I have a student from Germany who likes to ask me when she’s kiting a few meters, “Did you see that? Did you see me?” What shall I answer to that! I’m in the water with her – she comes out of the water and rides a few feet – how could I not see her?! This question always makes me smile! Yes, maybe those are the moments that make teaching so special: The moments of happiness of our students! We rejoice with them, but we also suffer with them on the days when things are not going well.We also see everything on these days and try our best to motivate our students, so that the training can still be finished with a sense of achievement! No perfection – just progress!

Gilson (2022)

We are convinced that the control of the kite is the most important fundament for kiting at all! That’s why we always start water launching only when we feel that our students know how to control the kite. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old. No matter if on the beach or in the water. After the students are confident with the kite, the next step is the waterstart! And this one has to be practiced – in one direction as well as in the other. According to our experience every student has his individual favorite side, on which the waterstart starts faster and easier. My personal favorite side? I mean, it was on the right. However, that was so long ago that I’m actually not sure anymore. In the end, it’s simply a matter of practice – for everyone!

Mario (2022)

Leandro - Kite Instructor
First step: Training at the beach

We wish you a happy new year – and hope that you all started healthy! We started the new year with a lot of wind and waves. So our students are still enjoying the lagoon and can diligently practice getting up out of the water. For us it is a great pleasure to see progress. In this process we always experience the fun and joy of our students about what they have achieved. It always makes us happy to see how much happiness our passion kiting brings to everyone.

In this way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Leandro (2022)

In December we often have such high waves at Ponta Preta Beach that lagoons form on the beach. The lagoons are very popular with our beginners, because the water is much calmer than in the sea and they can concentrate more on themselves. Furthermore, life jackets are unnecessary and therefore most feel more liberated, so that learning almost works by itself. Of course not always, if the wind does not play along for once, the one or other kite ends up in the water here as well. Which is generally no problem, because we are always there: whether in the sea or in the lagoon – we always help just as long as everyone can kite with fun and safety. One student learns kiting faster, the other slower – we adapt to the needs of our students. Maybe even a little like the beach to the waves!

Gilson (2021)

training in the lagoon

What another great day at the beautiful Ponta Preta beach. Today I went kiting for two hours with a friend. He had started kiting with me on his last vacation and this time his goal was to be able to kite alone when he left. What do you think did that work? The first days were very good, the wind was great and the kiting went like a charm. After a few false starts in the second week I was able to motivate him with a few tricks to continue – according to the credo: “progress not perfection”! Now, what can I say? He’s kiting and I’m watching him from the beach.

Mario (2021)

You are interested in kiting? But you have not yet dared to try? Then contact us! We would like to start together with you into the adventure kiting! First we learn on the beach what it takes to control the kite. After you are confident enough we go into the water – but don’t worry – we go with you and are always at your side! The next exercise is the so called body tracking – so, without a board you let the kite pull you through the water. As soon as we have the feeling that you are ready – the board will be added and then it’s time: Practice, practice & try!

Gilson (2021)

instructor training

My grandma always says, “a good teacher remains a student until the end of his days.” Therefore, on days off you will still find us on the sea and constantly improving our skills. Because even if it looks easy, we had to take the same path as you: train, train and train again. Especially in the months from November to May we always have a constant wind here and that allows us to train continuously. Not for nothing Sal is also a popular island for the Kite World Championships. As you can see, one highlight chases the next on Sal!

Leandro (2021)